The Italian term giocoso (jocular, playful) first emerged within the second half of the 18th century, describing especially libretti in which both, character types peculiar to an opera seria (serious opera) and to an opera buffa (comic opera), appeared. Such juxtaposition of severity and pleasure continues throughout the pieces of this album. Giocosa points out that, besides the observably high technical and musical demand of the recorded works, they also feature a quite playful element. Here, particularly Joaquín Rodrigo’s Sonata Giocosa stands paramount, which was not only an inspiration for the title but also significant for the work selection of this recording.



Joaquín Rodrigo (1901–1999):
Sonata Giocosa
1) I. Allegro moderato
2) II. Andante moderato
3) III. Allegro


Luigi Legnani (1790–1877):
4) Fantasie, op. 19


Giulio Regondi (1823–1872):
5) Introduction et Caprice, op. 23


Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895–1968):
6) Capriccio diabolico (Omaggio a Paganini), op. 85


Miguel Llobet (1878–1938):
7) Variaciones sobre un tema de Sor, op. 15


Joaquín Rodrigo (1901–1999):
8) Junto al Generalife


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